Why should I have my oven Professionally cleaned? 

Oven cleaning is that dreaded chore that most people put off week after week, sometimes month after month, as its such a hard and dirty task, that almost feels impossible and never ending. 


It can sometimes leave your kitchen in a worse state than before you started, and the outcome may not be what you quite expected after hours of tirelessly scrubbing and scraping.


Not to mention that the wrong chemicals or procedures could not only cause damage to yourself or even your kitchen, sometimes they can even cause irreparable damage to your oven. 


Here at Busta Grimez Ltd, we do all the hard work for you, using only ECO friendly products in the home, guaranteed to cause you, your home and your appliance zero harm, and leaving you with a pleasantly shiny and clean oven you can be proud of. 

How long does the Busta Grimez cleaning process take?

This would all depend on the size and type of oven you have, a standard single oven should take around 1.5 hours, with the larger oven types such as Ranges or AGA's taking anywhere up to 5 hours. 


Our process, unlike many others, takes time as we pride ourselves on doing a thorough and expert job, leaving behind ovens in the best possible condition and customers that are happy and 100% satisfied with the clean. 


It is important to note that these timings are only guidelines, and can vary depending on the condition of the appliance upon our arrival, but we will endeavour to give you a more accurate timescale after initial inspection. 

How soon can i use my oven after you have cleaned it?

The great thing about the Busta Grimez Ltd cleaning process, is that due to the nature of our ECO friendly products we leave behind no mess, no fumes and most importantly (other than the clean itself) no downtime. 


This is great news for you as this means that your oven can be used from the moment we finish, no need to wait for chemicals or smells to disperse before you can safely use your oven again. 

How often should I have my oven professionally cleaned?

This all depends how often your oven is used, the type of usage it gets and also family size, for example a single person living alone that mainly uses the oven to warm food and occasionally cooks a roast dinner would only need a clean every 12 months, whereas a large family of say 2 adults and 3 children, cooking regularly, and cooking more main meals that are likely to drip and splash may need their oven cleaned as regularly as every 6 months. 


Here at Busta Grimez Ltd, we advise you clean your oven at least once per year regardless of use, as regular deep cleaning will not only help your oven perform its best economically, but will also prolong its working life. 


If you are unsure of how frequently you should get your oven cleaned, you can either drop us a message by clicking here, or we can advise you when we arrive to clean your oven with just a few short questions.


How can I arrange for Busta Grimez Ltd to clean my oven?

This couldn't be easier, simply click here, and fill out the form and we will get in touch with you ASAP. 

Is your process safe for me and my family and pets?

At Busta Grimez Ltd. we ensure that all the products we bring in to your home are pet and child safe, non toxic, fume free and ECO friendly, meaning that you can rest assured our full process is safe for you and your whole family, there is no need to leave the room or the home whilst we perform your clean. 

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